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Our expert team, led by our Principal Investigator, Dr. Ebere Ibe, an Internal Medicine Specialist, ensure that our studies meet the highest standards of research and care.

We are proud to offer our community the opportunity to participate in potentially life-altering studies. Our site conducts clinical trials in the below indications:

man injecting Semaglutide Ozempic injection control blood sugar levels


Transform diabetes management through innovative clinical research participation.

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Help redefine obesity treatment with our groundbreaking studies.

Doctor taking elderly man's blood pressure at home


Contribute to pioneering hypertension therapies.

Doctor or scientist holds in hand model of adrenal gland with kidney organ

Chronic Renal Disease

Advance chronic renal disease solutions with your participation.

Senior man suffering from pain in his chest

Coronary Artery Disease

Shape the future of coronary artery disease treatments now.

Senior woman using a respirator at home

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Breathe new hope into COPD management through research.

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Breast Cancer

Support breast cancer breakthroughs. Join our vital studies.

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Drive advancements in cardiovascular health and be part of change.

doctor with patient wearing a mask


Designed to provide essential assistance to individuals ensuring safety and support.


Infectious Disease

Provides comprehensive care, diagnosis, and treatment for a wide range of infectious illnesses.

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Committed to Patient Care

Through meticulous research, we explore solutions for some of the most pressing medical conditions to pave the way for future medical advancements. We believe in the power of research to lead to better health outcomes.

By joining a trial, you contribute directly to the development of new therapies that could one day benefit millions worldwide and explore how our services can connect you with the forefront of medical innovation.