Who We Are

Innovative Clinical Research Center (ICRC) is a multispecialty clinical research site, designed to provide groundbreaking and excellent clinical trial solutions. We are pioneering new endeavors to meet the needs of our clients while ensuring the safety of our patients.

ICRC is fully equipped to conduct multiple Phase II-IV, post-market, and observational studies. Our research team is designed to streamline efforts to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining the highest ethical standards and ensuring research subject safety. We are fully committed to high recruitment rates while upholding the integrity and quality of the research data.

female scientists in a white lab coat putting vial Laboratory workplace Microchemist doing research Science students working in the laboratory

Our source of research participants comes from our Primary Care Practice and Urgent Care clinic, referrals from other private practice practitioners, community events, and social media advertising.

Our community support is outstanding, and our database is extensive as we are the only research center located in the Island Lake area and surrounding towns.

WE ARE COMMITTEDOur Mission Statement

Our mission is to uphold the highest standards in clinical trials and patient care, becoming a beacon of excellence in the global research community. We are dedicated to pioneering research that leads to breakthrough therapies, continually pushing the boundaries of medical science for better patient outcomes.


Our vision is to be recognized globally as a center of excellence in clinical research and to drive innovations that improve patient outcomes. We strive to deliver top-notch patient care, conduct high-quality clinical trials, and promote cutting-edge research that translates into novel therapies and solutions that significantly contribute to the advancement of medical science.

We Are Dedicated WHY CHOOSE US?

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of medical science. We specialize in conducting cutting-edge clinical trials that pave the way for groundbreaking treatments and therapies. Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates tirelessly to advance healthcare by exploring new avenues of research.